Very simple. Absolutely reliable. Most effective.

01. What is Ferron?

To use and earn Ferron is extremely easy, as the coin uses a PoS algorithm. Instead of performing computational operations, the creator of the block shows that they have a share in the system. Thus, the more coins you have, the more you get from each generated block. Purchase any number of coins and leave your wallet connected to the network, soon you will see that a passive income with Ferron is a great way to finally fulfill your dreams.

In modern society reliability is valued in all areas of life. To guarantee reliability, you should be able to rely on something. In case of Ferron, the safety and speed of the coin’s transactions are guaranteed by a built-in masternode incentive system. A Masternode is a totally reliable and proven concept that generously rewards its owners for supporting the most essential processes of Ferron. You do not need anything special to join other Masternode owners, just reserve **** Ferron that must be frozen in your account.

02. Specifications Ferron

Ferron Coim Name
FRRN Coin Ticker
75% Masternode Rewards
60 seconds Block Time
4 hours Staking age
151 blocks Maturity
220.000.000 Total Supply
5000 FRRN Mn Collateral
200.000 Premine


1 - 55001
5501 - 2400040
24001 - 3400060
after 34001 25

03. Roadmap

    1. Launching blockchain
    2. Listing on exchange
    3. Presale
    4. Fast listing on MNO
    1. Mac wallet
    2. Web wallet
    3. Bounty campaign
    4. White Paper
    1. Android Wallet
    2. Partnerships
    1. IOS Wallet
    2. New Exchange
    3. Lighting Network

04. Exchanges